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About Us

From Humble Beginnings

COASTY KIDDS evolved out of my passion for the ocean, and all it entails. I grew up diving as a young kid on the coast alongside my big brothers. The get chucked in and figure it out yourself kinda way, by watching them as I clung on to the tyre tube while they were diving picking up more with each dive over time.

The Coasty Lifestyle

I was hooked straight away and as the years passed, my experience grew and I have been able to travel and dive the majority of New Zealand, both recreationally and as a commercial kina diver in The Fiordlands.

As my passion and experience has grown it has been my sole purpose to share as much knowledge to our rangatahi so as to empower them with the confidence to do the same with their children and the generations that are to follow.

Alongside my partner, our vision is to empower rangatahi with the confidence, the right gear, and the ability to provide kai for themselves and their wider communities indefinitely.

Ngā mihi,

Dion and Reremoana